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Foundation Course en Graphic Design and Illustration

Foundation Course - 1 año

Take an introduction to Design or renew your professional skills.

    Foundation Course en Graphic Design and Illustration

    The course uses a methodology based on professional activities, so that, around a projectual core, a number of key subjects are developed in this contemporary design and illustration training. This structure makes it possible to learn by designing, and to train our students in design processes and cutting-edge digital and communication tools applied to graphic design. Additionally, each project is led by important working professionals, who guide our students through the design process and the methodology of a real illustration project. 

    Strengths of the course

    • Delve into two exciting branches of visual communication: graphic design and illustration.
    • Practical classes and experimentation workshops to improve your English by learning the technical language of the creative field.
    • Timetable compatible with studies or work.
    • Access with high school diploma.
    • All the teachers are working professionals.


    The teaching style of the course is mainly practical. The theoretical contents acquired are applied using experimentation and active participation. Thus, in parallel with the theory and technique, experimentation and design workshops are developed. The course is structured in three blocks spread over two semesters:

    1. Design and Creativity

    Theoretical and practical knowledge of the foundations and references related to design, colour, form, visual and structural languages.

    2. Project

    Throughout the course projects and workshops will be carried out relating to space, the user and the experience, in which knowledge acquired in other subjects comes together. The projects are exercises for greater conceptual, technical and detail development, unlike the workshops, which are more intensive, creative and experimental.

    3. Communication

    Communication is the most important tool for transmitting an idea and explaining a project. It is for this reason that it is so important to teach the tools and certain techniques needed to represent and communicate the graphic design and illustration.

    Academic Program

    Become trained in the digital and communication tools applied to design and perform a real illustration project.

    Experimental Projects

    Drawing and space
    Gaining the skills necessary to deal with contemporary drawing in these dimensions: applying the drawing on surfaces, scenography, large format and adapted to constructions.

    Experimental materials
    Mastering the different techniques and materials not normally associated with classic illustration: all over prints, ceramics, 3D printing, origami, laser cutting ... for object-based results.

    Experimental print
    Combining the purely graphic design language (typography) and the illustrated book format, students will use the printing workshop to learn how to bind and the different techniques covered in the printing workshop: risography, letterpress printing, silk-screen printing and embossing.

    Digital illustration
    Delving into the possibilities of interactive digital illustration, experimental methods will be proposed in different media, which will be used to understand the narrative dimensions of illustration: from basic animation techniques to portfolios linked to new technologies.

    Ficha del curso

    Foundation Course en Graphic Design and Illustration

    • Tipo de curso: Foundation Course
    • Idioma: English
    • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
    • Fecha Inicio: Septiembre 2019
    • Duración: 1 año
    • Horario: Mañana
    • Asistencia: Presencial
    • Tasa de matrícula: 2500 €
    • Tasa del curso: 11200 €
    • Tasa del curso (no residentes UE): 11700 €

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