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Diploma IED in Computational Arts, Communication and Management

Diploma IED - 3 años

Train as a professional expert in the creation and management of artistic and commercial projects at the forefront of new technologies.

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Diploma IED in Computational Arts, Communication and Management

Get trained in one of the disciplines with the most prospects for the future! The IED Diploma in Computational Arts, Communication and Management, a three-year, bilingual course, is designed to train expert professionals in the creation, management and project management of commercial and/or creative products.

Through the use of the latest digital technologies you will learn to link the visual practices of communication and contemporary culture with the needs of the entertainment industry, such as film and video games, to launch institutional campaigns using new languages, to design the launch of new products or businesses in an innovative way, to generate digital products for a range of devices and to use appropriate tools to develop events that are at the zenith of complex challenges in contemporary communication. Also, you will understand how a business strategy is developed and what is the best way to launch a new media project.

The course features an innovative methodology that brings together a faculty made up of professionals and researchers in an open and dynamic organisational structure, according to the areas of knowledge that students and teachers raise as the course progresses.

Ficha del curso

Diploma IED in Computational Arts, Communication and Management

  • Tipo de curso: Diploma IED
  • Idioma: English
  • Escuela: IED Visual Communication
  • Créditos IED: 180
  • Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2017
  • Duración: 3 años
  • Horario: Mañana y tarde
  • Asistencia: Presencial
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Professional Opportunities

Salidas profesionales - Visual Communication - IED Madrid


  • Creative director and designer in media companies.
  • Director and event and temporary installation designer for brands and commercial spaces.
  • Creator of communication and design strategies applied to products and services.
  • Consultant in digital design and new technologies.
  • Interactive and audio-visual designer for spaces, events and business communication.
  • Digital products entrepreneur.
  • Creator of artistic projects.



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Our teachers are recognized active professionals in the field of visual communication. They have specific knowledge of their current professional environment and are aware of changes taking place, allowing the school to shift the focus of its teaching and remain up to date.

David Heofs

Bachelor of Communication Studies, he has a background in Advertising Creativity and Marketing. He founded Bandiz Studio in 2010, where he specialised in artistic management in the field of video, graphic design and photography. He works for numerous companies conducting commercial campaigns, work that he combines with art projects and with editing and publishing projects in photography, illustration and experimental design.

Laura Sánchez Coterón

Doctor of Fine Arts specializing in Interactive Art and Game Design (UCM, 2012). Founder and game designer at the art collective YOCTOBIT. Since 2008, she has curated different cultural programs on experimental games like NotGames Fest (Cologne, Germany, 2015), and conferences like Design and Digital Culture #EDCD in Medialab Prado (from 2013). As a teacher she teaches Game Design at the ESNE Videogame Degree and the MA course in Games at UPM. She occasionally collaborates with other relevant academic institutions providing seminars and workshops in these areas (UIMP 2015).

Fernando Gómez

Architect trained at the ETS Architecture of the Alcala de Henares university and developer of multi-platform video games. He focuses on the research and production of virtual reality applications focused on retail, branding and wellness at the MI5VR studio.

Javier Escorihuela

Architect trained at the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid and an Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert. Interested in the relationship between design and technology, he combines his work as an architectural infographics designer and graphic designer with his work at Mi5VR, a studio focused on the development of immersive experiences in virtual reality.

Marta Verde

Visual artist and creative programmer who lives in Madrid. She has a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in media arts and digital technologies applied to the stage. FabAcademy specialization program in digital manufacturing at the Fab Foundation (MIT’s Centre for Bits & Atoms). She develops visuals, and generative and interactive graphics, personalized electronic devices, wearables and interactive installations for both musicians and theatre companies, as well as dance artists, designers, institutions, advertising and lighting studios. She is always looking for the fusion between technology and creativity. Additionally, Marta is an interaction teacher at the Politécnica de Madrid and the IED Madrid, where she also consults for the R & D department.

Pilu Caballero

This multidisciplinary artist graduated in Audio-Visual Communication, specializing in Creative Hardware and Working with Arduino and max/msp Jitter at Harvestworks in NYC, specializing in Digital Technologies for the Stage. She is also a lighting technician. She works on developing visuals and interaction devices for artists, designers, musicians, brands and institutions.


Ricardo Ramos

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He perfected his studies in graphic design, editorial layout, design of digital environments and web coding. Co-founder of PUM!, creative studio specialized in web development, graphic design, interactive design, UI, UX and apps and games development.







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